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Instructions for Activating your County

Registration = REVOLution

The problem: Getting the Republican Nomination for Ron Paul. This is not a problem in all states; some have open primaries so it is only necessary to be registered. In states with closed primaries we must rapidly register enough Ron Paul Republicans to win the primary and so give Ron the clout needed to take the nomination at the Convention next year.

To shorten time we need to follow the plan below, focusing attention on local, grass-roots organizing at the precinct level. This raises the representation for Paul in the Republican Party, diluting the impact of the NeoCon leadership presently in control.

By so doing we simultaneously create a platform for other supporting candidacies. To be most effective, Ron should go in with support from Congress.

Fortuitously, we have some insight into how this was accomplished before – and the help of the massive Internet presence Ron Paul has generated. Once before dedicated activists organized to give the nomination to a candidate whom the Republican Party did all in its power to marginalize. That candidate was Barry Goldwater.

The Goldwater Movement reaffirmed the vision for individual freedom that still inspires us today. The individuals whose work got Goldwater the nomination did not use a lot of money; they used shoe leather, walking their neighborhoods and giving away or selling books.

We will walk our precincts and neighborhoods and do the same – using brochures, issues, and persuasion backed up by registration cards and Ron Paul Republican cards. The present head of United Republicans of California is willing to come out and speak to local Republican groups. Ron is a long time associate of their group and they have endorsed Ron.

To get enough people to walk the precincts, we will begin doing outreach through the kind of activism now being undertaken by the MeetUp groups, on the ground grass roots. But we must extend that action and enthusiasm into presentations to groups from the community, community groups such as the Lions Clubs and to Republican Clubs and the Republican Party itself.

Many Republicans realize that they are in trouble. The Republican Party has imploded. Every day more Republicans see the moral bankruptcy and the real agenda behind the last decades of political action. We have the cure; a clear message of hope. We can deliver that message to activists, reminding them of the real foundations of Republicanism. They need to know. Knowing, they can choose to clean their own house.

Agenda for Community- Club – Republican Meetings

A few facts about the media. They are lazy. If you provide something they can put in without any editing or cutting it is far more likely to appear. They need to fill up space generally. Link it to local groups, local problems; use the names of all prominent local people you can.

You need:

An article/news release aimed at issues on point from the Ron Paul Campaign that go to the problems facing the local area. Interview a local businessman, small farmer, shop owner, the owner of a factory that has been shut down, someone whose job was outsourced. There are lots of possibilities given just how deep the coming depression will be.

Get it in the local papers, including the throwaways.

Build your media list for newspapers, radio shows, and local television, including Public Access.

Post the media releases you put out there as well and include the link in the release.

Set up a website that allows you to let people know through the Internet when and where the presentations will be made. Call local organizations to offer the presentation.

Flyers and news releases should have a number/e-mail for RSPVs.

The Presentation:

Set up – Find a place. Some restaurants provide a private room. Banks will sometimes provide a meeting room; have a table where you can put out brochures and a table with a sign-in sheet. Include Names, Addresses, e-mails and phone numbers and political affiliation and a pile of cards so attendees can write down their issue of most concern.

Find already-committed Ron Paul Supporters from different political viewpoints; make sure they attend your Community Meetings to tell their stories.

At the same time: Write that article; get it into the papers; follow up to make sure it will be run on a timely basis. Be charming.

The Presentation – At your own location

Welcome attendees – serve coffee, cookies, punch.

Have a sign-in sheet when they walk in.

Get them settled.

Let them know exactly how long the presentation will last and keep to your schedule. The local campaign needs to be its word.

Begin by having an MC introduce him or herself and then introduce the speaker, if you have one. If the person(s) you interviewed for your article is there, introduce them at the beginning as a special guest.

Go around the room and ask people to introduce themselves. Ask them to give their name and the issue that most concerns them. Write down their answers, making a tally. You can also do this by providing cards for the same purpose when they walk in; ask them to write their issue and put it in a basket, box, or other container. Make this friendly and warm.

Ask who is already supporting Ron. Get them to tell the group why that is. Read the issues on the cards.

Show the DVD.

Talk about honesty, about what America's form of government was supposed to have been.

Have DVD's to give away. Make sure there is a basket for donations, you always get more this way.

Have brochures.

Ask people to re-register Republican and vote for Ron. When they do this make sure you applaud. Give them their Ron Paul Republican Card.

The Presentation at their Location – Republican Clubs, Local organization meeting

You do a media release in addition to what they will be doing. Add their contact information to your own.

Call well in advance to make sure they have what you need to show the DVD, if you are doing that as part of your presentation. Ask how many will be attending so you are amply supplied.

Get the names of everyone you talk to; take your own business cards. (see jpeg if you want one with a Ron Paul Republican logo.) As soon as you get home, transcribe these into your Ron Paul Data Base. You will be using that soon.

The Presentation you make to Republican Clubs and other community Organizations

When you arrive, find the person who is in charge and introduce yourself. Ask them to have attendees fill out a card (they need not use their name) with the three most critical issues faced by America and then the three issues faced by their community. You will be using these for your presentation.

Thank them for inviting you. Remember to send a thank you note afterwards. Those things are remembered. It is said the George Bush Sr. was elected from a stack of 10,000 thank you notes.

Begin by linking to the issue you used in the paper. Then broaden out into the problems local areas are having trying to survive. (see Organization remarks)

For Republican Clubs (see Visiting fellow Republicans)

When you close, thank them for coming.

Walking Your Precinct

Before you Start but don't wait for this, it just helps.

Get walking lists from either the County GOP or arrange to get the list, available through your county and through the Sec. Of State, for registered voters. Normally Republicans would only get the Republican list, but in this case we want all of them if possible.

With the list you know who lives there and what you can expect. But getting started, with or without, is the priority.


Clip Board

Questions to ask the resident

Asking the resident about what issues are most important to them, three national, three local, will let you know if this is a good prospect and where to begin.

Registration forms


Ron Paul Republican Cards

Your own business cards

Notes for leaving on the doorstep

(You can print these yourself from the jpeg provided or just use an ordinary small pad of paper.)

If you have never done door-to-door politicking it can be intimidating. But once you get into it you will relax.


You can begin by asking the questions. Now your prospect has invested little time in you. You can then tell them about Ron and his approaches on those issues. You can then offer the brochures and suggest they find out more by googling Ron Paul and tel them about registering as a Ron Paul Republican.

If they register you take the card with you. Make sure you copy off the information for contacting the new Ron Paul Republican and fill out the Ron Paul Republican card. Thank them and ask them to become active. We can then contact them with opportunities for getting involved.

Model remarks

What it is today. How far we have gone astray. Talk about the local problems, the local community, what we want and need for our families. Why the Ron Paul Campaign matters if we are to take back our control of our communities and protect our families.

Fellow Republican Clubs

Find these on line or from you County Chairman – who you should get to know immediately.

Community Organizations

Different for every community. Compile a list.

Your own Presentation


Model Flyer


Build on this outline:

The issue you know is most compelling for your community.

A personal, local story told by an individual that illustrates that principle.

Finding the right person is the most important part of this exercise. Look for someone who is as well known in the community as possible. Think mainstream, family, hardworking, involved. Best if they connect to as many local organizations as possible.

For instance, in Bakersfield, CA, the right person could be Louis Armstrong (see material on his case.) It is sadly easy to find examples today.

Show how a Paul Presidency solves the problem through local action and empowerment.

Include the response this brings from the person with the problem.

News Release

Release cites article and gives times, places, contact information and specifics on the events you roll out from this. Also let them know you are available to present to local organizations but contact those organizations anyway. Never let the initiative be with others.

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