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A Brief Set of Instructions - Have you Registered Ron Paul Republican?

The Ron Paul Republican Registration Drives

(The most fun you can have that is legal!)

Your Precinct

A single individual can walk a precinct, talking to neighbors and passing out literature and getting them to register. Every person you find who is willing to help cuts the work you need to do yourself.

A single individual can also put on Ron Paul Film Showings, using the wonderful material available on YouTube. Consider the folks you are inviting before deciding which of these great selections to use - and keep the presentation short with time for coffee and cookies. Cookies are a great persuader, I know.

First Step: Register Republican. This is a scary moment for some people. You can register online or fill in the form. Make sure you mail it after making a Xerox copy for the file.

Second Step: Get on line and find your county GOP organization. You can either do a google search or just stay on the GOP National site and find it through there. Call your GOP County Chairman and tell him/her you want to register Republicans and ask for assistance in obtaining the walking lists for all registered voters. Each state is different in how this is handled but everyone has them. Take notes as you talk and then document what you are told so you can make this available to others in your state.

You can also call the County Registrar – Recorder and you should do that. Which office, agency or individual handling this will be different state to state, so making the notes and getting them up on line saves everyone who comes after you time and creates the learning curve we very much need. Get the information up on line asap.

Again, take notes and get the name of the person who provided the information with date. for your own records. Don't publish that.

This can be a blog from, like this one. The point with doing it for FREE is to save money for other things, like lawn signs and those cookies. Your site then links to the Ron Paul Republican National Site.

All the National site is intended to do is provide links and this information. Let's keep everything as local as possible; we all know what comes of centralization. "Comments" can be used to provide insights and further information. Let us know if there is a good hub with resources easily accessible and listed you know about. We can add that link there. Send notice of such links to Lots of people are doing great things; never duplicate what is already wonderful.

Third Step: Copy the GOP urls so you can refer others to them on the phone and through your site. Put them on your site, prominently.

You are building a Ron Paul Infrastructure to be used for the nomination process and then in the General Election, looking ahead to a Get Out the Vote Campaign. We need to parallel the Republican Party in this. Organize it like this one in Iowa. You do not need to spend any money. Use a FREE blog from Just look over Iowa and copy the form. It only take a few minutes.

Fourth Step: Check to see if anyone in your state has put up a Ron Paul Republican States site. If so, contact them to add your information. This saves you TIME for registering Ron Paul Republicans.

Soon, there will be many people working and you will start comparing notes. This is good. learn from each other and be honest about what did not work. Link to and contact everyone working for Ron Paul in your state and put up their contact information. Like this for the RLC Iowa Inclusion is lovely. For resources, such as graphics and more literature either link directly or send the link onto the Ron Paul Republican National Site and we will add it there. Let's make it easy for activists to be active.

We need to get enough Ron Paul Republicans to elect those delegates who will determine who is elected at the county level.

Fifth Step: Lay out a plan for yourself that could include all of these elements and others that occur to you. Remember to share ideas that work as you try them and put them up online at your site!

Basic ideas.

Walking your precinct with literature, registration cards, Ron Paul Republican Membership Cards, and DVDs.

Ron Paul Coffee – Film Showings to friends, neighbors, members of your church and other organizations.

Step Six: Republican Clubs

Republicans have Clubs that are potential resources for recruiting and information about the inner workings of the Republican Party in your area. Along with the national clubs listed below there are local affiliates, naturally.

Ask your County Chairman for information and if you are inclined start going and take literature with you.Think strongly about joining and getting to know people. Since these have all imploded you may be able to have one for your very own.

National Clubs

Young Republicans

Young Republicans are ages 18 - 40, so you may qualify for this. They tend to be skewed towards NeoCons right now. They have also experienced the same implosion still hitting the whole Republican Party. They were the organization where the ideological battle for freedom was played out in the Goldwater years.

College Republicans

This provides opportunities to recruit on local college campuses. Since members are students the turn over is rapid and they often lack continuity. This actually can provide better opportunities for enlisting activists, so don't view it necessarily as a negative until you check them out.

National Federation of Republican Women

This is the largest club in the Republican Party and historically has done a large portion of the actual work of politics at the grass roots. They get no respect but they are effective.

Pachyderm Club

The Pachyderm Club is relatively new as Republican clubs go. They are dedicated to training activist so that people at the local level understand how to be effective in politics. Clubs are concentrated in a few states but the National organization lays out an easy to follow process for starting new clubs even when there is already one in an area. Their mission is to make becoming an effective Republican Activist easy.

Republican Liberty Caucus

This is an explicitly Libertarian viewpoint within the Republican Party. It is small but growing. They will make it easy to start new chapters. Ron Paul is a member of this group.

National Federation of Republican Assemblies

The Assemblies are very conservative and there are a lot of rumblings there, expressing unhappiness about the Bush NeoCon Administration.

Log Cabin Club

Gay and Lesbian Club. Hard to believe, perhaps but true.

Take a close look at the Pachyderms and RLC.

Remember to Dress Like A Republican

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Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul! God Bless Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President 2008!

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